This is one aspect of living in Dumaguete where you may find some products somewhat expensive. Many need to be imported from America, and Europe, while others are made in China, and should be inexpensive, but often they are not. The good news is that if automobiles are important for you, there’s is a large volume and variety available at decent pricing. For home furnishings, there are limitations on the options available if upmarket options are your preference. But you will find a significant range of appliances such as washing and drying machines, TV sets, ovens, and beds.

Dumaguete Automotive Products

Automotive Products

There are many car dealerships here. A partial list includes Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, and Hyundai. Financing is available, but interest rates are usually high, so its better to pay cash. The best time of the month to purchase is at month end. Sales people need to make their targets, so you have an advantage when negotiating. If buying a second hand car from a dealership, make sure you can get a warranty. Some people go to Cebu to buy second hand cars. But, if you do that, be cautious, and have a qualified technician thoroughly check the car’s reliability.


    There are many options for home furnishings such as beds, mattresses, sofas, carpets, chairs, decor and lighting. The costs are inexpensive but the choices may not satisfy you. If not, you may want to consider going to Cebu, or begin by going online to find a company in Cebu city or Manila who could provide you with the options and quality you need. Please get everything in writing about your order before you pay. It’s not unusual for errors to be made in your order so its important you protect yourself.

      Dumaguete Furniture
      Dumaguete Appliances


      Most of the brand names are available, so there’s no shortage of supply. They can however, be more expensive than you would expect after all your positive experiences buying anything from groceries to a home. The four main sources for home appliances are Robinson’s, Dumaguete Appliance Centrum, Imperial Appliance Dumaguete, and Mandaue Foam. You should find what you need at these businesses. As always, its best to check or pricing which varies depending on sales promotions being offered.