Loosely put Information Technology “IT” encompasses all things computer related, from computer hardware, software, configuration and operation to networking, Internet and communications. Information Technology permeates almost every aspect of life and has become the backbone of modern business.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things “IoT” is the fastest growing technology market that most people have never heard of. In the Philippines a 2017 Microsoft survey reported that IoT is expected to create the largest impact on life of any current technology and this seems to be playing out quite convincingly as there are currently around 50 billion internet users in the world but only 4.7 billion of those are human. The IoT is in essence everything that uses the internet without requiring a human operator – these “things” are everything from smart TVs displaying the TV guide to smart buildings which can save 30% off an electrical bill – they represent a market worth $1.29 trillion per year (CAGAR 15.6% 2015-2020). Talk to us to get ahead of the curve.

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    Computers System

    As computer systems grow into an integral factor of modern living deploying the correct systems becomes critical to success. Our connections with IT professionals and suppliers throughout the realms of IT know which hardware, services, software and configurations will work for you and also where to purchase and how best to install and configure. From specialized home computers to fully fitted BPO complexes, we’re who you need to talk to if success is high on your list of priorities.

      Systems Analysis

      Systems analysts are IP professionals with a depth of knowledge in the relationships between computer systems and their users and how to optimize those relationship towards the goals of your company. This process often takes the shape of observing how a company operates at the personnel/technological edge but will often extend into hardware and software, or HR and training aspects of the company. The resulting report details a budgeted proposal of actionable improvements together with recommended brands, models, suppliers, installers and service providers.

      Veritas Consulting Group is able to provide Systems Analysis for all types of industry: from hospitality and travel, to clerical and BPO – if you want to improve your business processes, we have what you need.

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