One of the many benefits you will find from coming to live in Dumaguete is the relatively low cost of housing. This advantage is magnified if you have sold your home abroad and have a significant amount of cash on hand, part of which you will use to build your dream home. Because real estate purchase or construction of your retirement home has deep emotional as well as financial significance, we at Veritas Consulting Group have placed great emphasis on finding the most qualified and experienced construction companies for you.

You will sometimes be told when interviewing potential builders for your home they are very solid and you have nothing to be concerned about. That’s when you should end the conversation and move on. Some foreigners have found that, after handing over significant capital, midway through the project, the construction company has gone out of business, or they were involved in legal disputes that distracted them. We will help you avoid those horrendous situations by referring you to only the most qualified, financially sound, and reputable construction companies.

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You may have sold your residential home in your country, or have cash from other investments. You now want to build your dream home in Dumaguete. You will have several choices from which to choose. But which one can you trust with your dreams? We recommend you first review their websites. The quality of their website can serve as a guide to their professionalism. Learn how long they’ve been in business. Ask for visits to various projects they’ve done in the past. Learn as much as you can about them. We will refer you to two successful contractors. Let your intuition then guide you to making the correct decision.


    There are some very good engineering consulting firms in Dumaguete. The best ones encourage their clients to have full participation from the early stages of conceptual development to detail design and construction documentation. Their staff should include registered engineers and COD operators. Membership of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines should also be a requirement. It’s advisable for them to have access to state of the art computer programs with engineering and analysis tools to provide the most accurate and reliable analysis.

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      You have a choice to either retain an architect or work with the construction company who have in house design specialists. Either approach has value, while having all the work done in one office could be more efficient. Your architect should use specialist knowledge and high level drawing skills to design your home so that it’s aesthetically pleasing to you, while also being safe, functional and sustainable.


        Regardless of whether your motivation is to help the environment, or have a more cost effective way to control home expenses, the Philippines, with a climate that has an abundance of sun throughout the year, is an ideal location for solar power. There are well established companies in Dumaguete catering primarily, but not exclusively, to foreigners who have either bought a home and want solar, or are building a retirement home here. One construction company we work with also owns a solar business which is a good combination for efficiency and economy.

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          Kitchen Cabinets

          When you have your special home built, it’s probable kitchen design with quality cabinets are important for you. The kitchen cabinets design is a reflection on your personality, your sense of style. And the kitchen is a much used part of your home.There are some kitchen re-modelers you could work with, but its best to retain a company that specializes in kitchen cabinet design and do the construction and implementation themselves. It’s also a challenging time if you are already living in the home, so having the work completed in a timely manner is essential.