These include births, marriages and death.

Births can occur either at home with the assistance of a midwife, or in the maternity wards of hospitals in Dumaguete. This is one area of the life experience that Filipino medical professionals have so shortage of experience. Large families are the norm. You will notice this when walking around Dumaguete or up in mountain areas where its not unusual to see a scooter with six people on it.

Marriages are either civil or church events. This visa outcome will only matter to foreigners who are marrying Pinays. (Philippine women) Specific guidelines regarding documentation and relevant licensing are referenced later on our site.

Both cremation and burial are available here. Many people purchase a burial plot well in advance of their death. If you want to be cremated, make sure you leave specific instructions regarding where your ashes are to be sent post death.

Dumaguete Births


The are options available for birthing here in Dumaguete. The Philippines has a long tradition of home births where midwifes are involved. The hospitals also have very good maternity wards. Because children are seen here as gifts from God, and treasured within the main and extended family, special care if given to birthing. Prenatal and post natal consultations are also an integral part of the pregnancy and incorporated into any hospital and midwife maternity plan. Before actively pursuing pregnancy, its wise to decide whether or not to get medical insurance, or decide to self insure.


    Weddings are big business here in Dumaguete and the Philippines. Because there are usually no second weddings, this day is of great importance to the female and her family. If your fiancee is Pinay, you need to be aware of all aspects of her special day. Perhaps the best advice we can give you is to agree 100% with all your fiancees suggestions.

    You will need a licence from the city in which you will be married. Foreign men are often confused by the requirement for a class with other couples given by a pastor or representative of the city on how to best live the married life. Think of it as a brief inconvenience, then let it go.

      Dumaguete Marriages
      Dumaguete Funerals


      It’s ironic that people, especially men, in the Philippines, will usually only make a will when they are seriously ill, but have no hesitation in buying a burial plot years in advance. When you die, you can either be cremated, or buried. It’s important that you leave a legally binding document that unambiguously makes your intentions clear. The same applies regarding medical directives such as DNR (Do Not Resuscitate.) You may want your body or ashes sent to another country. If so, it’s again important for clearly drafted, legal documents to be in place.