The following are profiles of individuals we have assisted in opening and developing their business ventures here in the Dumaguete region. They came from diverse backgrounds.

Some were highly skilled employees in their country of origin. After settling well into retirement here, they decided to embark on a new phase of their lives by finally acting on a concept they’d long thought of doing. For you , it might be an internet based business, or opening a specialized coffee shop catering to foreigners and newly emerged, middle class Filipinos.

Some ran small to medium sized businesses before selling up and coming to live here. While happily enjoying their lives in Dumaguete, at some stage, because entrepreneurship had been central to their lives, they found themselves being drawn towards creating a new business venture here.

Perhaps the only assistance you feel you may need would be referrals to the appropriate attorney, or where to find appropriate office space and staff. Although it may sound counter intuitive, what we have found is the more successful a person has been in their original country, that confidence often makes it more challenging to do good business here. It then becomes difficult and financially expensive to rectify errors and move on to the right track.

Whoever you are, and whatever your business concept is, it’s critically important you begin it fully understanding the complex business laws in the Philippines, and ensure you do not violate local and provincial regulations. It’s important to understand the limitations on a foreigner doing business here, or owning a substantial shareholding in any corporation. You may hear statements that it’s no problem to put “dummy” shareholders in place while you control the business. That is not only irresponsible, it’s usually illegal.

If you are considering beginning a business in Dumaguete, your first sensible investment (It will cost you money dude) would be to call and arrange a consultation with one of our experienced business consultants. That meeting could be one of the most important and relevant meetings your business will ever have. We will review your business model, offer comments and suggestions on the concept, guide you to avoid unnecessary legal and logistical problems, refer you to the relevant attorney or staffing agency, and provide you will ongoing support as necessary. You will never be alone when faced with the inevitable, challenging business situations you will face here.

So make that call now. In hindsight, you will be pleased you did.

Dumaguete Company Formation

Company Formation

There are six formal steps required to form a corporation in the Philippines. The first is to confirm the availability of the company name. Then open a bank account and get a certificate of deposit for the paid in capital. Have an attorney prepare incorporation papers then have them registered. Get a CTC (Community Tax Certificate). Apply for a Barangay clearance certificate. Apply for and get a business permit from the mayor of the city in which you are doing business.

    Management Consulting

    Management consultants play a critical role in the development and overall success of a company. They help companies review their overall business operations, reevaluate performances,reduce costs, maximize revenues, increase efficiency. Their goal is to assist you in achieving realistic, long term corporate improvements. They provide financial management services that help streamline business operations. They help develop effective HR strategies. Some companies also offer insights into how to integrate and optimize shared services, while others offer access to their sophisticated software systems.

      Dumaguete Management Consulting
      Dumaguete Business Planning

      Business Planning

      The absence of a well thought out business plan is like driving a car at night without lights on. If you don’t plan for your business to success, it will inevitably fail. How could it not? A business plan is like a road map that helps you keep focus when problems arise. The time spent planning and updating is a wise use of time and a sound investment in your business. Each section should address specific issues, recognize challenges and confirm solutions, while also providing guidelines on how you will adapt when necessary.


        Focused marketing is essential for any business. The invention, then evolution, of the internet has revolutionized business marketing. A good web site is very important. The first impression any potential client or customer has of your business happens when viewing your website. Unless your web design is solid you will immediately lose potential business.

        Other important marketing areas include Branding, Print Advertising, Direct Mail and Social Networking. Branding is important for small businesses, but is challenging due to financial constraints and the long term required for branding to happen. You need to be very focused in any direct mail campaign. Social Media is the most used marketing method of small businesses and sole proprietors who focus on and efficiently reach their target markets.

          Dumaguete Marketing
          Dumaguete Permits and Compliance

          Permits and Compliance

          Before you start a business in the Philippines you must have permits and licenses. The four main requirements are as follows: A tax identification number (TIN) from the Internal Revenue department, a certificate confirming the business name and ownership from the Department of Trade and Industry, (DTI), a clearance form issued by the barangay in which your business is located, and a business permit which is issued from the local mayor’s office. Compliance is viewed as critically important in the Philippine so be sure to comply.