Legal issues cover many areas of life and even after death issues. Aspects include civil matters, criminal law, estate planning, notarization and due diligence. All these areas, apart from notarization, have several legal aspects that could seriously impact the quality of your retirement life in Dumaguete.

As a foreigner in the Philippines, you may face some disadvantages if caught up in legal issues. Even though you may have a solid legal position it’s no guarantee you will prevail in your action.

Also, please note that attorneys here do not specialize is any single aspect of law. They are all general practitioners. Because of that, it’s critical you know which is the correct attorney to retain, one who not only has legal skills, but also the right connections that will be beneficial in protecting you.

Dumaguete Civil Actions

Civil actions

There is an unpleasant reality that sometimes works against a foreigner receiving justice in the Philippine legal system. As a foreigner, regardless of the legal issue involved, or the merits of your case, you are at a disadvantage simply because you are not a Philippine citizen. Foreigners accustomed to a decision being made based on a strict interpretation of the legal merits of their case are sometimes surprised by the judges or juries decision when the decision goes against them. As always, having the appropriate attorney with good connections is critical to protect your position.

    Criminal cases

    Now before you raise your eyebrows and think this would never apply to you, please take a moment to consider that, even though you may never have been involved in having to defend yourself in a criminal case, none of us can guarantee it won’t happen to us in the future. You may be, probably are, totally innocent but despite that, you would need a high quality, attorney with good connections who is best suited to protect your interests. The last thing you want as you enter what is supposed to be the most rewarding time of your life, is to unjustly be sentenced to serve time in a Philippine jail.

      Dumaguete Criminal Cases
      Dumaguete Wills and trusts

      Wills and trusts

      Traditionally in the Philippines, individuals only draw up their wills and Trusts when in declining health. It’s difficult to argue against saying this is an irresponsible position. But interestingly, this level of procrastination is not confined to the Philippines. It’s a world wide phenomenon. Even the heads of large corporations and wealthy families in the West often neglect this important aspect of planning, the absence of which, can, and does, cause irreparable damage to future generations.

      If you have a will and/or Trust in place, it’s important to have them checked every four years to ensure your documents comply with current law. In addition, it’s important to examine the possible impact living in a different country might have and under which countries laws your estate would be subject to when you die.


        All attorneys here are notaries. They also usually have an assistant at their office qualified to sign and record legal documents. If you want the document to be valid under Philippine law, it’s important you have an attorney draw up the agreement to ensure it has the appropriate language that accurately reflects on Philippine law and ensures the document is legally enforceable.

          Dumaguete Notarization
          Dumaguete Due diligence

          Due diligence

          Due Diligence refers to a level of judgement, care, prudence, and investigation of all elements involved, that an individual would be expected to carry out under specific circumstances. That’s a clinical way of saying it’s important to know everything regarding a situation that might positively, or negatively, impact a situation you may be considering to become involved with. An important example is ensuring clean title for land or any property. Here in the Philippines, because of many family members being involved in ownership, and for several other reasons, its critically important to have a law firm carry out due diligence for you. The absence of such action can, and usually does, result in unpleasant and costly consequences for you.