Health care covers many areas of your life from medical to dental and psychiatric. Good quality health care had been an understandable concern for foreigners coming to live in Dumaguete. In the past, overall medical care was not up to Western standards. Partly because of an increasing Filipino middle class and significant numbers of foreigners coming to live in Dumaguete,well qualified doctors and dentists began to come to Dumaguete and cater to current needs. New state of the art hospitals were built. Medical groups were formed from post graduates of Silliman University, and professionals who has previously worked in Manila and Cebu. Health care in Dumaguate is now comparable to what is available in other major cities.

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In the past, foreigners coming to live here had legitimate concerns about receiving good quality medical care. It was not good. Partly because of the substantial increase in foreigners coming to live in Dumaguete, and the newly emerging Filipino middle class, new hospitals were built, and medical groups formed that resolved the problem.

Yet another advantages of living here is the surprisingly low cost of good quality medical care.

Depending on your medical condition, we will advise on which medical group or hospital is best suited  for you. If you want world class, specialized medical care, we will refer you to hospitals in Thailand with whom we have relationships.



    A lack of good quality dental care had been a legitimate concern for foreigners relocating to Dumaguete. In response to consumer needs, the standards have significantly improved. The demand for exceptional dentists resulted in them coming to Dumaguete. They are graduates from the best Filipino dental schools with extensive experience in Manila and Cebu.

    Regarding costs, it’s a fraction of what you paid in the West. It’s best to pay in cash rather than buying insurance.

    We will refer you to dentists who are skilled in all aspects of dental work from basic to complex surgical work.

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      Dumaguete Optical


      You will find no shortage of optometrists in Dumaguete. In Robinsons shopping mall there are several from which to choose. You will also find many options throughout the city. The main source are chains who offer discounts and “specials” on a regular basis. But, you may prefer to work with an individual practitioner who is available but less so than the chains.

      Costs for optical care are significantly less than in the Western world and the quality is good. You will not be sacrificing quality because of lower pricing.


        Psychological care is relatively new to Dumaguete so it may be necessary to go to Cebu city to find the care you need. But first, please examine options available here. Silliman University Medical Center offers outpatient care with experienced doctors who are primarily graduates from Silliman University. There are also independent psychologists and psychiatrists we could introduce you to. If necessary, you could stay in a recently build, residential facility.

        The importance of mental health is finally being recognized in Dumaguete. It used to be seen as a Western form of indulgence, but that attitude has been replaced by a more enlightened view.



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